The Skirt Of Many Names

The Four Hour Skirt: because that's how long it took me to go from drafted pattern to finished skirt.

The Maxi Skirt: because that's what it is!

The "I Give Up Skirt:" you know, the skirt you can wear when you haven't shaved your legs in a few days and you're still expected to look semi-decent even though you don't feel half alive.

The Mermaid Skirt: this is the name my husband has given it, because he thinks it makes me look like a mermaid. Maybe I should make myself a seashell bra next?

Here's this skirt of many names in all its glory

I made up the pattern myself.

I wore it to a Relief Society activity and had a number of sisters ask me where I bought it. One of them even asked me if I would make her one!

And this is why I sew.

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Mommy said...

Very fancy. Is it a knit?